• Base Plate

    Base Plate

    About this item: Base plates, also known as “footplates,” are a rectangular metal plate based at the foot of an upright frame. Because the upright frame column is typically only 1-3...

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  • Flare Wire Deck Flare Wire Deck

    Flare Wire Deck

    About this item: Flared Waterfall Wire Deck uses a flattened end to rest on top of the beam surface. It also has a waterfall edge to keep the deck securely on the beam and holds it into place...

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  • Rack Protector Rack Protector

    Rack Protector

    About this item: Prevent rack and shelving damage from forklifts and pallet trucks. Heavy-duty protection. Sturdy 1/4" thick steel uprights welded to 7" deep base plates. Concrete installation kit...

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  • Teardrop Beams

    Teardrop Beams

    About this item: Pallet rack beams provide support for pallet racks to assure the racks have adequate support for the weight of the products stored on them, ensuring they don’t bow or create an...

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  • Teardrop Upright Frame

    Teardrop Upright Frame

    About this item: Offers multiple offset anchor holes provide flexibility in anchor placement. Teardrop pallet rack upright frames in a wide range of sizes: 12FT x 42IN 16FT x 42IN 20FT x...

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